The Brombachsee consists of three particular person lakes, the nice Brombachsee, Kleine Brombachsee and the Igelsbachsee. The center of the Franconian lake nation forms the Große Brombachsee, the Little Brombachsee and the Igelsbachsee, three instantly next to each other, that are only separated from one another by 2 dams, as effectively because the Altmühlsee (please click the following page), which is round 10 km west, and the 20 kilometer northeastern Rothsee. Altmühlsee (please click the following page), massive and small Brombachsee, Rothsee, Igelsbach, Hahnenkamm- and Dennenloher See invite you to get water in Franconia just some kilometers south of Nuremberg. Bundesstraße thirteen (Würzburg-Ingolstadt) flows into federal street 2. Nuremberg five kilometers away close to Ellingen could be reached within half an hour drive. After a protracted phase of moderate growth, the upswing of the Erlangen University, as with the other German universities, received here originally of the 1880s. ↑ Florian Schreiner: Erlanger college students and the Epp Freikorps. ↑ abcdefghijklmnopqrstu vwxyz aa ab ac advert ae af ag ah ai aj ak al am an ao ap aq ar as at au av aw ax ay az ba bb bc bd be bf bg bh bi bj bk bl bm bn bo bp bq br bs bt bu bv bw bx by bz ca cb cc cd ce cf cg ch ci cj ck cl cm cn co cp cq cr cs ct cu cv cw cx cy cz da db dc dd de df dg dh di dj dk dl dm dn do dp dq dr ds dt du dv dw dx dy dz ea eb ec ed ee ef eg eh ei ej ek el em en catchment area measured on the Bavaria Atlas.

Nevertheless, the – longer – ditch above Höfen, where the stream merges from three upper reaches, is also labeled Höllmühlbach on a effective scale on the BayernAtlas. The three to 4-lane federal highway 2 (Nuremberg-Augsburg) connects Pleinfeld to the larger Nuremberg space within the north and to the big district city of Weißenburg i.Bay in the south. The Rothsee is located about 28 km south of Nuremberg on the north flank of the Franconian Alb, about 2 km beneath the Allersberg market within the valley of the small Roth flowing right here to the southwest, which it fills up for a size of 3.7 km. Under the lake lies on the mouth of the little Roth flowing west to the city of Eckersmühlen and on the Roth the town of Roth, which is about 7 km west northwest of the lake. The earlier constructing was destroyed on March 12, 1648 by a fireplace caused by Swedish riders, to which a large an element of the town fell victim to. The city of Hilpoltstein is located about 2 km south of the lake. According to the corporate, the smallest eco brewery on the earth is located on the site of the Sonnenhof Land Resort in Pleinfeld.

2021 The market town made a brand new attempt to purchase the site back and then to initiate its personal residential mission. By the top of the conflict, up to 2,000 men and women lived on the location, including prisoners of warfare, deportees and SS guards. With stationing, i.e. the move route from the mouth of the Altmühl upwards to the respective tributary, the official water code (GKZ), the name of the tributary, the aspect of the mouth, the size of the tributary and the dimensions of its catchment space, the place of mouth and the height of the mouth as well as a result of the source location and the Supply height. The swimming route of the annual Rothsee Triathlon is in Rothsee. The Rothsee is a reservoir in the course of the Kleine Roth within the Bavarian district of Roth (Center Franconia). NN the native pond in the village of Kreut inside the city of Monheim within the Donau-Ries district. The district is participating within the BOB advertising and marketing campaign towards drunk driving. → Schleifergraben, to the right between Alleestrasse and Stadtgrabengasse Kelheims, approx. NN, between Meuchlein and Frommetsfelden, approx. ↑ City twinning with Killarney (Memento of the unique from 8. October 2016 inside the Internet Archive) Information: The archive link was inserted automatically and has not yet been checked. ↑ Genesis on-line database of the Bavarian State Workplace for Statistics Table 12411-003r Update of the population status: municipalities, reference date (population figures primarily based on the 2011 census) (assist). ↑ Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen District Office: Altmühlfranken Statistics 2014. Selected economic and structural information for the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district.

Calculations for the Pleinfeld market until 2034. In: Contributions to Bavarian statistics, issue 547, Bavarian State Office for Statistics. Pleinfeld is on the Treuchtlingen-Nuremberg railway line with stops every half hour. There are additionally plans to reactivate the Pleinfeld-Wassertrüdingen railway line in the next few years. ↑ abcde Pleinfelder Geschichte (Memento of the original from February 7, 2015 within the Internet Archive) Information: The archive hyperlink was used mechanically and has not but been checked. ↑ Heimat- u. Brewery Museum Pleinfeld (memento of the original January 8, 2012 on the web Archive) Info: The archive link has been used robotically and has not yet been checked. Whereas the dust root of the Rothsee is a nature reserve in the higher area, the bathing area is positioned further southeast of the pre -lock. The little crimson flows the principle lock over a pre -lock with largely constant water degree. The primary lock is extra frequented by surfers and sailors, but in addition has an artificial bathing platform (swimming pontoon). A second, the northwestern bank of the Rothsee fundamental lock, is positioned on the north financial institution of the primary lock. For transport functions, there was once a subject railway several kilometers lengthy from the sand pits to the train station, where the sand was loaded into railway wagons through a filling system. Only two monuments from the Feldbahn witness close to the prepare station and the sand pits.

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