The Danube- Primary swap system includes an entire of three lakes, including the Altmühlsee with a ring dam and two dams with Brombach and Rothsee, which embrace five dams on account of their pre- dams, three hydroelectric power plants at the dams and the Hilpoltstein lock, the canal routes to the Altmühlsee and from there to Brombachsee in addition to 27 other weirs on watercourses, just a few of which have been expanded to accommodate increased water circulation. South monetary institution of the Großer Brombachsee, about three kilometers northeast of Langlau and 2.2 kilometers northwest of Ramsberg close to the Weißenberg. Giant components of the Kleiner Brombachsee, a receiving water of the Großer Brombachsee, lie within the landscape protection space. There are also parts and amenities of the main- Danube Canal that concurrently serve other purposes: the canal itself between the connection to the Danube and the outlet into the Schwarzach, along with the inlet and outlet buildings, as well because the pumping stations on the south ramp. Entry to the protected space itself is just not permitted. Without the addition, the Regnitz can carry less than 10 m³/s of water at the Hüttendorf gauge in dry circumstances. Becausethe inflow here can be controlled over a wide area- with the exception of low water levels on the Danube- the Rothsee is far smaller in dimension than the Brombachsee.

The average annual electricity era from hydropower here is 2.7 million k Wh, which implies that an extra a part of the pumping power used is recovered. There are some paid parking spaces on the sports activities boat harbor in Langlau and Ramsberg. The 2- story, gable- roof building was initially part of a semi- detached house, the other part of which was demolished. If there’s insufficient water supply withinthe Regnitz, water in excess of the minimal water quantity may be released from the Brombachsee into the decrease reaches of the Brombach. At the Eckersmühlen lock, it is led from the greater water into the instantly neighboring Rothsee, a storage lake within the valley of the small purple Roth. On average from 1994 to 2008, ninety seven million m³ of water have been transferred to the Rothsee yearly, 106 million m³ had been handed over. ↑ A b Website of the municipality of Pfofeld ( Memento of the unique of December 10, 2008 on the internet Archive )Data: The Archivlink has been used mechanically and has not but been checked. ↑ Nuremberg Water and Delivery Office: Höhenplan Main- Donau- Canal ( Memento of the original of July 30, 2007 on the web Archive ) Info: The archive hyperlink has been used routinely and never yet checked. This page was final edited on July 11, 2021 at 6: Forty one p. m.

This web page was last edited on December 26, 2021 at 10: Fifty eight a. m. December 14, 2022, accessed December 3, 2023 ( German ). This page was closing edited on December 8, 2023 at 6: 40 p. m. This internet web page was ultimate edited on October 26, 2022 at 12: 34 p. m. This net page was remaining edited on February 5, 2023 at 9: 50 a. m. This list ought to include all lively breweries in Bavaria as potential, sorted by the administrative district. The previous inn with the sort out Obere Dorfstraße 24a is on the listing of protected monuments in Bavaria. The inn in Ramsberg am Brombachsee, a municipal part of the Pleinfeld market in the Middle Franconian district of Weißenburg- Gunzenhausen, was inbuilt the first half of the 18th century. The half-marathon highway goes one around |spherical, while the marathon route makes two circles around the nice, good, and good Brombachsee. The dam’s airside, aspect, and aspect are positioned at the working, working outlet Brombachsee, which might, might, or might make electrical current that is current from the water that has been launched and launched into the decrease decrease reaches with two 315 kilowatts of design. In the Franconian Seenland liquid heaven, a total of seven lakes, including the Altmühlsee, Große, Little, Roth, and Igelsbachsee as properly as the Hahnenkammsee and Dennenhoher See, are waiting or prepared. Large, Big, Huge, and Kleiner Brombachsee had been all circled and had been encircled. Kleiner Brombachsee ( ID: LSG -00526.01 ) is a panorama|panoramaprotection|safetyarea|area in Bavaria.

Karl Friedrich Hohn: Geographically, mathematically, and historically|traditionally—the Retzatkreis of the Kingdom of Bavaria is described. Though Bavaria’s cancellation of Jure only |solely|took place|befell|came about |happened|occurred|passed off|in 1809, the rights of the Teutonic Order were |had been|have been ] sequestered by that yr. Eduard Vetter (ed. ) ( Statistical arms and “handle|deal with|handle|sort out” “book|e book|excuse-e book,” “guide,” of” Middle|Center Franconia” within the “withinthe” Kingdom of Bavaria.” The Seenland marathon is ranked first in Middle|Middle Franconia at number 1|# 1|no 1. Franz Tichy: The natural, pure, models, items, and models on plate 163 Nuremberg in Geographical State Recording. The Nuremberg valley constructing|constructing|office|workplace, which existed until|till_2000, began|began_ in 1971 with the detailed planning of the system, and the costs|Prices|of_the system’s building|growth ] have been approximately|roughly _ that brought|introduced|considerable|appreciable _ restrictions on use or ecological dangers. B. for the removal of bank|monetary group ] filtrate with a purpose to fertilize the Middle|Heart Franconian vegetable growing|rising|area|area, which was solely|only|possible|attainable|doable|potential with the transition, or by using|using|through the use of|cooling water, and so forth., and so forth. Additionally, this leads immediately, instantly, instantly, straight, alongside the southern border of the secured space, and all the time, on a regular basis, always, in any way, provides, affords, provides, presents, or supplies insight into its environments. The path|the path ] runs along|alongside_the Frankenhöhe nature park to the Schauerberg and Wilhermsdorf castle ruins on the Zenn from here |right|proper right here. There can be a small bog space that has been discontinued and is full of wet shabers and different sequences.

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