The constructing also houses the tourism workplace and the Brombachsee affiliation. The Großer Brombachsee is separated from the opposite two lakes solely by a dam, the Brombach Vorsperre and the Igelsbach Vorsperre. The Großer Brombachsee is a dam whose barrier construction is an earth dam 1.7 kilometers lengthy with an interior core seal. Großer Aurachbach, additionally Große Aurach, from the right and west at 420 m above sea degree. Breitenauer Graben, from the suitable and west to less than 420 m above sea level. Arises below 424 m above sea stage. Ditch, from the left and east to under 425 m above sea degree. Mühlfeldgraben, from the left and northeast to round 419 m above sea level. Seeholzgraben, from the left and northeast to over 426 m above sea degree. Furthgraben, from the correct and west at over 426 m above sea level. Michelswieser Bach, from the fitting and west at over 418 m above sea stage. Klingengraben, from the left and north-northwest to over 418 m above sea degree. Rotklingengraben, from the proper and west-southwest to under 418 m above sea stage. NN within the hillside forest Kessel beneath a single farm belonging to Aurach on the higher edge of the slope half a kilometer west-southwest of Wahrberg Castle. From there it goes from the Schwabach to the Aurach close to Veitsaurach and Fränkische Rezat close to Wassermungenau. Name section sequence Erlacher Bach → Eyerlohbach → Großer Aurachbach/Große Aurach → Lower reaches of the Altmühl aspect arm.

Identify section sequence Espanbach → Unterbürger Laber → Weiße Laber → Stadtlaber. With the part names Speierhofgraben → Froschbächlein → Leimbach → Hagenbach. At the moment, the lake overflowed and a tidal wave flooded the towns of Ursheim and Laub. Hopfen am See Ostallgäu Floating Kneipp island within the Hopfensee. Unhealthy Faulenbach Ostallgäu With a treading pool, fountain, herb bed, Kneipp watering point and treading meadow. Bad Wörishofen Unterallgäu Kneipp facility inside the backyard city, Franzensbaderstr. Bannwiesengraben, from the left and northeast to under 422 m above sea stage. Return of the secondary load, from left to over 422 m above sea degree. Return of the Jochsberger Mühl Canal, from proper to lower than 425 m above sea level. In entrance of the return of the Mühlbruck Mühl Canal into the Altmühl itself, approx. Kirchdorf Riedenburg-Deising subsequent to the bridge on Kreh 2 bridge over the canal, approx. The church village is situated within the Franconian Seenland, a narrow kilometer from the south financial institution of the Little Brombachsee and round 2.5 kilometers northeast of Pfofeld. At this time the realm belongs to the municipality of Pfofeld (Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district). In 2009, a Chair of Human Rights (“Chair of Human Rights and Human Rights Coverage”) was established on the Institute for Political Science, which contributes the FAU to analysis and teaching on this important, however moderately weakly institutionalized area.

The vast majority of FAU is situated in the city of Erlangen, with a smaller half in the neighboring metropolis of Nuremberg. In Erlangen, the college is unfold over two spatial focuses in the town middle and the south of the city. In 2012, Robert Schober obtained the prize for his research in the sector of communications know-how and wireless communication. NN west of Theilenhofen-Dornhausen reverse the island of Jägersried in a left oxbow loop of the Altmühl, approx. NN on the Gunzenhäuser sewage therapy plant next to the B thirteen and drains the extensive left valley floodplain on the section between Gunzenhausen and Unterasbach. NN within the Colmberg industrial area next to the street Am Neugraben. NN a bit of after leaving the city on the road from Leutershausen-Görchsheim to Aurach-Eyerlohe. NN just a little east of Buch am Wald on the dirt highway continuation of Jochsberger Straße. NN the Brücklesweiher in the forest northwest of Ansbach-Wüstenbruck. A couple of steps after the previous one to Höchstetten, approx. NN reverse the mouth of the previous Lohgraben. NN reverse two -flowns, approx. NN in a forest expertise beyond the motorway parking lot “Bürger Wald” (!) The A 6 in the burger forest. NN in a forest gorge on the slope of the Schlossbuch west of Leutershausen-Weißenkirchberg. Waldgraben, from left and northeast to over 421 m above sea stage

Höllmühlbach, from left and northeast to over 421 m above sea level. Graben away, from left and northeast to less than 428 m above sea degree. Frankengraben, from left and southwest to less than 427 m above sea stage. Breitenfeldgraben, from right and southwest to over 426 m above sea degree. Herelenfeldgraben, from proper and southwest to over 426 m above sea stage. Traischbrunnengraben, from right and west to over 426 m above sea level. Brunnengraben, from right and west to over 426 m above sea stage. Graben, from the left and northeast to over 426 m above sea stage. Krämleinsbach, from the left and northeast at around 423 m above sea degree. Brühlfeldgraben, from the left and north-northeast to about 419 m above sea degree. Moosgraben, from the appropriate and west at round 419 m above sea stage. Siechwiesengraben, from the proper and south to beneath 419 m above sea level. Arises beneath 423 m above sea stage. Auengraben, from the best and northwest to round 423 m above sea level. Weggraben, from the appropriate and northwest to over 427 m above sea degree. Wurmbach, from the proper and south-southwest to about 412 m above sea stage. Auengraben, from the right and being at about 362 m above sea degree.

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