There it is stored and handed over to the Kleine Brombachsee when crossing the water by way of the Altmühl overseer. In the west he borders directly on the higher Brombachsee (Brombach pre -locking) and within the northwest on the additionally larger Igelsbachsee (Igelsbach Vorslaschen). ↑ Damm Igelsbachsee height strains fabricated from echo sounding. ↑ Joseph Anton Eisenmann, Karl Friedrich Hohn (ed.): Topo-Geographical-Statistical Lexicon from the Kingdom of Bavaria. Within the Topo Geographical-Statistical Lexicon from the Kingdom of Bavaria from 1832 it says that Thierhof is a hamlet with 2 homes and 16 inhabitants. Group connection paths join Thierhof with the approx. 1976 Thierhof was a part of the municipality of Obererlbach. Thierhof is a municipality of the municipality of Haundorf in the district of Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen (Center Franconia, Bavaria). Mäusleinsmühle is a municipal a part of the Pleinfeld market within the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district (Middle Franconia, Bavaria). Monuments in Bavaria. Quantity V.70/1). Quantity 2: MZ. Palm and Enke, Erlangen 1832, p. 839 (digital copy). Ingrid Burger-Segl, Walter E. Keller: Archaeological hikes, Volume 3: middle Altmühltal and Franconian Lake District. After the decision to create lakes in what’s now the Franconian Lake District in 1970, the Rothsee particular purpose association was based in 1975 and the area in the surrounding communities was cleaned up from 1978 onwards. The Rothsee I power plant makes use of the water launched from the lake for two turbines: a via-flow turbine for a maximum of 1 m³/s flow, which is operated alone at low discharges, and a tubular turbine for a most of 5 m³/s circulate.

An additional 9 m³/s can be diverted previous the facility plant if needed. A most of 21 m³/s of water flows in from the principle-Danube Canal by an inlet construction on the main dam and a maximum of 15 m³/s of water is launched. The main dam consists of earth material with a clay and clay zone up to forty five m broad within the dam core. Mill canals are normally not included, nor are the numerous small-scale river divisions and oxbow lakes from the center reaches onwards, and most of the nameless drainage ditches, which often run from the slopes inside the broad and flat floodplain subsequent to the river with none open inflow, are additionally lacking. In addition to their water management features, each elements of the lake also serve for local recreation. Beneath the lake, on the mouth of the westward-flowing Kleine Roth into the Roth, lies the town of Eckersmühlen and on the Roth the town of Roth, which is about 7 km west-northwest of the lake. The city of Hilpoltstein is approximately 2 km south of the lake. From 1993 to 1995, volunteers from a support affiliation and the town of Weißenburg constructed the brand new chapel not far from the medieval foundations according to the plans of Professor Johannes Geisenhof. After the city reacquired it and subjected it to extensive renovation, it was rededicated as a town hall in 1991. The first ladies had been admitted to university in 1897, and the first doctorate awarded to a woman took place in 1904.

In the identical 12 months, the Krautbrunnen, created by an Ansbach artist, was inaugurated on the town corridor forecourt. Herb fountain in front of the town corridor, which is a reminder of the centuries-long herb cultivation. All that is still of the property, which is protected as an archaeological monument, are a number of ramparts and ditches. Of the thing, which is protected as an archaeological monument, solely the tower hill with rampart and moat remains. The Langweidmühle and the Furthmühle have been rebuilt in other places, the Hühnermühle, the Birkenmühle, the Neumühle, the Scheermühle and the Grafenmühle as well as Spagenhof and Ziegelhütte remained as the district names of Pfofeld, Pleinfeld and Absberg for a few many years despite the lack of development. Constructed subsequent to the mouth of the prevailing inlet construction on the southern end of the principle dam, it’s equipped by way of a department from the prevailing stress canal. The aspect ditches had been most likely used to drain the water, the mounds come from the excavated materials from the ditch and were not, as was beforehand incorrectly assumed, burial mounds. An actual burial mound is located about a hundred and fifty meters west of the castle stables. Fragment of the Ludwig-Donau-Main Canal, approx. The storage house of the barrier is designed to accommodate a weekly demand for low water ranges in the main-Danube Canal.

It solely reaches its best width of 1.6 km shortly earlier than the principle dam, and within the upper two thirds of its size the width remains lower than four hundred m. In the quick vicinity of the dam is the Eckersmühlen barrage of the main-Danube Canal that crosses the valley. About halfway along the lake at Roth-Birkach, the pre-dam dam, over which Birkacher Hauptstrasse runs, divides the lake into two different sized areas, the southwestern primary dam and the northeastern pre-dam. The main barrier is more frequented by surfers and sailors, but additionally has an artificial bathing platform (swimming pontoon). A wide range of fish species found in Central Europe thrive in the waters of the Franconian Lake District, such as eels, pike, zander, lake trout, rainbow trout, catfish and coarse fish corresponding to carp, tench, roach, rudd, bream and many extra. The consequence of this years-lengthy delay in mandatory construction work is an increasing deterioration in the state of preservation of numerous university properties. In Erlangen, the university is unfold over two spatial focuses in the town middle and the south of town. In September 2014, the Bavarian Minister of Tradition Ludwig Spaenle, together with Finance Minister Markus Söder and Interior and Building Minister Joachim Herrmann, offered a brand new location idea for the college. The Lords of Hofstetten therefore moved to a second castle inside the local space.

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