Virtually half of the lake area in the northwest is designated as a nature reserve, of which 125 hectares are occupied by the shallow water and island zone fowl sanctuary in the Altmühlsee, which is made up of fairly a few particular person islands. "Strit/Strüt" village, as a settlement close to the undergrowth, derived from the Center High German "strout" for bush, undergrowth. The creation of the Franconian Lake District and its water management operate as a water transfer from water-wealthy southern Bavaria to rain-poor northern Bavaria is documented on two floors and an area totaling around 300 sq. meters. It is the largest lake in Franconia and the second largest reservoir in Germany by space. ↑ Lakeland Information Heart – Water for Franconia. The information middle "Seenland – Water for Franconia" (additionally often referred to as the Franconian Lake District Info Center) documents the event of the Franconian Lake District. The full height of the construction here is as much as 26 meters. To guard towards sub -flushing the barrier construction, there’s a sealing wall below the core, which extends down to the rock underground that’s as much as 26 meters. The railway line Gunzenhausen-Pleinfeld (Seenland-Bahn) is located virtually 500 meters east, separated by a forest, the railway line in Treuchtlingen-Nuremberg, within the north is located within the north

The Banzerbach touches the mill in the north and flows east of Pleinfeld into the Swabian Rezat. The last owners Hermann and Elsa Walter operated the agriculture of the mill and the sawmill till the mill was demolished within the 1980s and the flooding of the Little Brombachsee. On the other facet of the Altmühl over -run are the PfoFeld municipal components of Neuherberg and Hühnermühle to the mill. The water of the Igelbachsee flows into the great Brombachsee, by which the visitors jam to 410.5 m above sea stage. The 4.5 km² large lake is surrounded by a 12.5 km long circular dam, is very shallow with a median water depth of 2.5 m and the inlet has to branch off from the river well above the lake so as to be able to attain the mandatory storage goal. The lake level fluctuates only barely; the storage goal is 411 m above sea degree. Vitality business. The aim is therefore to extend the low movement of the Regnitz at the Hüttendorf gauge to 27 m³/s in summer season and to 22 m³/s in winter. This water will enhance the water high quality of Regnitz and Essential, which has been affected by intensive industrial and agricultural use. When the Altmühl floods, excess water is channeled into the 5 km lengthy Altmühl feeder close to Ornbau to the Altmühlsee.

It is surrounded by a ditch that runs all around and was previously stuffed with water. Away from the lakes, the holiday panorama affords virtually endless meadows around Gunzenhausen, rich coniferous and mixed forests on the slopes across the Igelsbach and Brombachsee and in depth pine forests with yellow glowing gorse bushes between Brombach and Rothsee. The Brombachsee is located about 30 km south of Nuremberg in southern Center Franconia between Gunzenhausen within the west and Pleinfeld in the east. Areas of the lake lie between 399 m above sea stage. The Nuremberg Water Management Workplace (WWA Nuremberg) takes care of the maintenance of Lake Rothsee. The lake is located round 37 km because the crow flies south-southwest of Nuremberg and immediately northeast of Absberg and south of Stockheim. It’s situated within the Absberg and Pfofeld space. ↑ from the Pfofeld neighborhood website (Memento of the original from December 10, 2008 within the Web Archive) Info: The archive hyperlink was used robotically and has not yet been checked. It was opened in Could 2008 by Bavarian Prime Minister Günther Beckstein and Atmosphere Minister Otmar Bernhard.

All three lakes collectively have a storage house of 154 million cubic meters and a water floor of 12.1 million sq. meters. Together with different lakes and small ponds, it is a part of the Franconian Lake District. South bank of the small Brombachsee, about 1.5 kilometers south of Absberg and a pair of kilometers northeast of Langlau. Triesdorf train station is about 1.5 km from Merkendorf. The wasteland is located within the Franconian Lake District, 1.5 kilometers southwest of Pleinfeld on the sting of a forest. ↑ from the brand new data center “Fränkisches Seenland (simply click the following site) (simply click the following site)” within the Mandlesmühle in Pleinfeld. The operator of the switch is the Ansbach Water Administration Workplace, which maintains a administration facility in Schlungenhof am Altmühlsee and has additionally arrange an info heart within the Mandlesmühle directly at the outlet of the Großer Brombachsee. Within the waters of the Franconian lake nation, a large number of fish species, pike, pikeperch, seaside trout, rainbow trout, catfish and peace fish, similar to carp, intelligent, roach, pink feathers, briaches and many extra thrive thrive within the waters of the Franconian lake nation. Wasserwirtschaftsamt Ansbach, archived from the unique (now not accessible online) on July 20, 2015; Accessed on August 1, 2015. Information: The archive link has been used routinely and has not yet been checked. March 4, 2016; Accessed on August 1, 2015. Data: The archive hyperlink has been used mechanically and has not yet been checked. Since September 2015, these sediments have been removed in autumn and winter.

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